Our mission
Our Mission
Innovative Heating Solutions Ltd

Innovative heating solutions came to life for one mission only, to bring innovation to the HVAC industry at cosmic speed and provide engineers & customers with products that do what they say on the box. Whilst other industries are lightyears ahead in innovation, the HVAC industry is decades behind. We are here to cut through the bureaucracy and red tape, to bring innovation straight to our hard working engineers and consumers.

Company mission statement – ‘Prevention is always better than the cure’

Our Vision

The founder and inventor behind the innovative products is a heating engineer himself with over 30 years of hands-on industry experience. It is through his decades of work, he set off on the journey to create and design products that actually help improve the efficiency and sustainability of heating systems worldwide.

Company vision statement – ‘Created by universal engineers for the engineers’

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With over 30 years of hands-on industry experience


Bringing solutions directly from the source at cosmic speed

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Dedicated to providing revolutionary products at the highest quality

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Save money on bills, repairs, and maintenance with a reliable approach

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