The CS360 life time warranty is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. You must register your warranty within 14 days of the installation. This can only be carried out by a registered engineer whom is signed up our partnership scheme at the following email address, (
  2. The unit or component has been installed accordance with the digital instructions provided (scanning the QR code) . This warranty will not cover damage or defects caused as a result of faulty installation or improper maintenance or servicing.
  3. The unit has not been tampered with or otherwise subjected to misuse, fire, incorrect use of chemicals, incorrect position/location of installation, accidental damage or negligence.
  4. The unit has not been modified or repaired except by a person authorised by Innovative Heating solutions Ltd.
  5. The serial number or sign up code used for the partnership scheme has not been removed or made illegible.
  6. The unit is returned to us at your own cost or delivered to our appointed representative together with proof of purchase (in the form of a receipt or invoice) provided by a authorised reseller or registered engineer.
  7. The unit is returned promptly on being found to be defective.
  8. The sole and exclusive remedy under this warranty is for the repair or replacement (at Innovative Heating solutions Ltd discretion) of the unit or defective components and no other remedy, including but not limited to incidental or consequential damage or loss of whatsoever nature, shall be available. Innovative Heating Solutions Ltd reserves the right to undertake the least costly option available. The amount of any claim under this warranty shall be limited to the original purchase price paid for the defective unit.
  9. All personal data that we collect from you as part of the warranty registration process will be used by Innovative Heating Solutions in order to maintain the validity of this warranty. We may also use the details provided to email you about new products, discounts or upcoming events which we feel may interest you where you have provided your consent for us to do so.
  10. Our decision on all matters relating to warranty claims shall be final.


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